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Comet and Windows Remote Desktop or Terminal Services

This page applies to the following:

Comet32 version ---- and later

Comet Security server version ---- and later

We have found that a very efficient and economical way to connect multiple Comet users to a virtual Comet Host is to use Remote Desktop (Windows Terminal Services). This document outlines How to set this up.

Previous versions of Comet and Comet Server Products and Comet16 will not work correctly.

Comet Server software previously relied on the client's IP address to distinguish between one comet and another.

Comet Services must be installed as Windows Services. In particular, a single instance of the Comet File server must be available to all users simultaneously.

Each user logged into the RDP Host must have a unique Windows user login name. This requirement may be set in the RDP host configuration.

Each Comet connecting to the comet File Server must have a unique Node name. This is enforced by the Security server, but we need to emphasize it here because it is very important.

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