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SECURE statement Syntax: SECURE string-argument Discussion: The SECURE statement transfers a user-defined string to the password field of the partition executing the SECURE instruction. The string-argument may be a string constant or string variable, of 32 characters or less.

The SECURE function is a convenient way to store a unique value, such as the user's log-on password, in the partition's task header. The value is stored with the SECURE statement and remains available to any Internet Basic program as long as Comet is running. Note that the partition value is not saved when Comet is unloaded or otherwise stopped.

We suggest that you use the SECURE statement to store two values, a user ID and a password, as follows:

Bytes 1-16 user name (available via PSTAT) Bytes 17-32 password (not available via PSTAT)

The PASSWORD function is used to retrieve the partition's password value.

Also see the PSTAT function.


The value stored in the string variable named PWORD$ will be stored as the partition's password.

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