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Adding tables is fairly simple but time consuming.

To add a a table you need a {|

To have the boxes visible add Border=1 to the above line

Then the first element of each row is preceded by |- on a separate line.

Each element is preceded by a |

All of the formatting icons can be used within each element.

You need a | for each element of the array, even if the field is blank.

At the end of the table you need a |-

followed by a |}

There are many many more instructions that can be found in the Wiki Help Documentation (GoodLuck)


Sample Table Caption
Character Function Discussion
{- Start Table Basic formatting code can be used within tables- this is bold
pipe- New Row Following Bold Itallics
pipe Element identifier THere is a way of dislaying special characters,
but I cant work  it out
pipe} Table End Delimiter Don't forget this one
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