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CometAnywhere Mobile (Alpha testing)

Click here for the CometAnywhere Mobile Changelog


You MUST send your UDID number to in order to be included in the alpha testing for CometAnywhere Mobile!

To get your UDID, go to your iPad device under iTunes, and click "Serial Number." "Identifier (UDID)" should then show up with a long hex code next to it - this is your UDID. We are currently building your UDID numbers into our releases so that ONLY the iPads with the included UDIDs can run the mobile app.

Alternatively you can download a program (like and use it to email a summary of your device to


This product is VERY alpha. We hope that you will join us in developing this product, but be aware that it is and will be constantly in flux. By getting in at the ground floor, you will be able to follow our development, see new features become available, as well as recommend new features as you become familiar with the mobile devices.

That being said, there is absolutely no guarantee that as we release new versions of the app, that old programs will continue to run (or even be stable). We are trying to provide you with the best product we can, which means that at this stage functions/procs could change overnight, and redesigns of the app will be commonplace - especially if you see improvements we can make!

We hope you will help us test this new and exciting product.


CometAnywhere Mobile currently uses up a regular CometAnywhere license. You must have a CometAnywhere host running with available client licenses.


The CometAnywhere Mobile App requires the latest REL (12.07) be installed on the CometAnywhere host. Due to the special nature of mobile devices, we are running a special MMonitor program to interface with the iPad.

Once you've received the CometAnywhere Mobile app, you must install it on your iPad. To do this, import the .ipa file into itunes (usually by double clicking). Then sync the app to your iPad by going to your iPad (under devices in itunes), then the "Apps" tab. Check "Sync Apps" and sync the CometAnywhere app.

When it's synced, you should be able to run the app from your iPad and connect to a CometAnywhere mobile-enabled server.

Running the app

When the app first opens, you must push the "Connect" button in order to connect to a CometAnywhere host. Currently, you must connect via a globally visible IP address (i.e., or Once connected you will be prompted to enter a program to run. Use this to run any mobile programs you have compiled.

Demo programs

Demo programs are hosted on under the username "mobile" and password "mobile". Connect and log in, then enter the demo program name that you would like to run.

Currently, mobile programs are written using procs to simulate mnemonics/functions that interact with the iPad. You can find the file here. Use these procs as demonstrated in the demo programs.

KBC Demo App

Info on how to download and install the KBC invoicing demo app, source included [[1]].

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