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The Comet PDF Printer

CometPDF is an installable PDF printer for use on Comet systems. CometPDF uses a freely available printer driver obtained from Signature Systems has an installer, CometPDFSetup.exe that will include the most recent version of the Bullzip driver at the time the installer is built. Once installed, printer output to the "Comet PDF" printer will cause a PDF document to be created and saved in the configured location.

Comet PDF Installation

Download the installer CometPDFSetup.exe from the Signature System website Here. You may install multiple Comet PDF printers. For each one, you must run the installer program. For Windows versions newer than XP administrator access will be required. Be patient with the installer as it may take a few minutes to run on slower systems.

When the installation is finished you will be presented with a configuration dialog box. Specify the folder you want Comet PDF to use to save generated PDF files. This folder is required in addition to any folder you specify in your Comet printer configuration. If this printer is to be used from a different user account then you will need to log onto that account and run the CometPDF.exe utility program directly to configure that user. CometPDF.exe is supplied with the newest versions of Comet and can be found in your Comet programs folder. Immediately following installation CometPDF.exe can also be found in your Windows TEMP folder. To locate the TEMP folder for the current user: From the Run prompt type "%temp%" and press enter. Windows Explorer should open the TEMP folder for browsing.

CometPDF.exe supports several macros that can be useful when specifying your Comet PDF storage folder. They are:

  • $(catemp) - Comet "CATEMP" folder. Files in this folder will be erased when Comet is restarted.
  • <personal> - Typically user's "Documents" folder
  • <desktop> - User's "Desktop" folder
  • <env:TEMP> - User's "TEMP" folder


$(catemp) (these will be erased at Comet startup)

$(catemp)\MyPdfFiles (these files will NOT be erased at Comet startup)

<personal>\MyPdfFiles (These files will be the sub folder MyPdfFiles in your "Documents" folder.

Configuring Comet to use a PDF printer is simple. Simply use the name you chose during installation for the printer name along with the standard PDF printer options.

Example: This uses the default name, "Comet PDF"

Printer = LF9, P, X, SPL:PDFDocs, Comet PDF, viewdoc,;

If you wish to change the properties of your printer, run CometPDF.exe from your Comet executables folder.

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