Configuring Ultra Edit for Internet Basic

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Now SOOOO much easier! All you need to do is run CometUESetup.exe. You'll find it in your Comet executables folder beginning with Comet version 2011.452. We have reports that this works with UE versions thru 16. So... go do that and don't read any further here!

Ultra Edit Version 15 Setup

Ultra Edit version 15 requires certain files to be in certain locations. It locates its "environment" (The folder containing UEdit32.ini) at different locations. You must copy certain files to the "program Files" folder and subfolder, and other files to the "environment" folder. You must also setup Uedit32.ini so UE knows about the tools.

This page will attempt to help you configure Ultra Edit version 15 for use with the Internet Basic Language.

This "install" is quite detailed, so hang on...

  1. Download the zip file This is the only file required to setup Ultra Edit 15 to build IB programs.
  2. Unzip the file into the folder containing the ultra edit program. Goto "Start/all programs/ultra edit/properties".
  3. This will place the *.bmp files, capi.dll, console.exe and taglist.uet into the correct folder. This may need administrator priveleges.
  4. Keep the zip file open because we will be copying other files from it to other folders.
  5. Start Ultra Edit.
  6. Determine the location of the folder UltraEdit uses for its wordfiles by clicking on Advanced->Configuration->Editor Display->Syntax Highlighting. Look for the path in "Full directory path for wordfiles".
  7. Copy the InternetBasic.uew file to that folder
  8. Note that if you had been using an older version of UE this path may be pointing to a file called "wordfile.txt" instead of the wordfiles folder. You should change it to the full path to the wordfiles folder.
  9. Using the menu, locate the uedit32.ini file. Find it by using menu "Advanced/Configuration/Application Layout/Advanced".
  10. Copy all of the files starting with the title "Internet Basic Developer..." to that folder.
  11. Copy taglist.uet to that folder.
  12. Open the uedit32.ini file with ultra edit.
  13. Append the contents of UEiniMerge.txt to the end of the Uedit32.ini file and save it. Leave 1 empty line between the original contents and the merged text.
  14. Restart Ultra Edit. You may have to "run as Administrator" here.
  15. Using the menu "View/Environments/Select Environment", select Internet Basic Developer.
  16. Answer Yes to the next dialog.

You should now see a minimal number of tools, but they will contain all of the IB tools needed to compile a ue program.

Now to further configure UE....

  1. Open an IB source file.
  2. You should see syntax highlighting.
  3. Finally you need to setup the parameters to run Comet. Click Advanced->Comet Startup Settings (or Ctrl+Shift+5) and enter the profile info to start Comet. If you use a security QMONITOR you also need to specify the blind password. Click Advanced->Blind Password (Ctrl+Shift+7) to enter it.
  4. Click the compile tool. You should see a dialog asking you to register comet. Supply the correct info. Click OK.
  5. The program should compile.
  6. Optionally use the menu "Advanced/Configuration/File Handling/File Associations" to tell UE to automatically open .IBS files. If you wish, treat .IBR .INC files the same way.
  7. Optionally use the menu "Advanced/Configuration/File Handling/File Types" to give UE the list of file types that appear in the "File Open" and "File Save As" dialog boxes. If you wish, use ".IB*;.INC" in the "File Names" edit control, and make the description "Internet Basic Source Files".

Please see the Discussion Page

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