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Comet2010 FAQ

There seems to be some misunderstanding about Comet2010 and the role of Comet32. This FAQ attempts to answer those questions. If you have more questions (or answers), please feel free to edit this page.

If I install Comet2010, must I run Comet32?

  • No, Comet2010 can run your current programs just as well as Comet2009 or earlier. What controls whether Comet32 runtimes are used is the presence of "/32" in the command line in the shortcut.

Are there multiple flavors (colors?) (varieties?) of Comet2010?

  • Yes, there is a legacy flavor that is coded in 16 bit x86 assembly language, and a new flavor we call Comet32 that is coded in C++.
  • The legacy Comet will run under any Windows 32 bit platform.
  • Comet32 will run on any windows version starting with Windows 2000, either 32 bit or 64 bit platforms.

How do I run Comet32 or Comet16?

  • You just include /32 on the command line to select the Comet32 runtime, otherwise you will get the Comet16 runtime.

What kinds of programs will Comet2010 run?

  • Programs compiled on a Qantel Computer (16 bit only)
  • Programs compiled with the IB compiler or the MTB compiler (both 16 and 32 bit flavors).
  • Programs compiled with the new Comet32 compiler(COSM32), (32 bit only).
  • See the system requirements chart here.

If I have a 64 bit computer, What can I do?

  • There are several configuration strategies you may choose.
  1. What if I have a 32 bit Windows version?
    1. You may run 16 bit programs with the 16 bit runtime, or 16bit and 32bit programs with Comet32.
  2. What if I have a 64 bit Windows version?
    1. You may only run Comet32 under this windows platform since it has no support for 16 bit programs.
    2. Alternatively, You may install a windows 32 bit virtual machine under the win64 platform and run comet16 or Comet32 in that.
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