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DOS function calls/pseudo calls Internet Basic programs can make direct calls to the Disk Operating System (DOS) via the following statements:




See DOS Calls Background Discussion for more information.

Also see Pseudo DOS Functions.

Note: These host system function calls are very powerful interfaces to the DOS environment. They require care and good planning to be used effectively. Since this document does not pretend to be a substitute for complete DOS documentation, we recommend that you refer to the DOS Technical Reference Manual before implementing these functions in your Internet Basic programs.

It is the responsibility of the programmer to ensure that any file handles opened are closed upon completion of the desired function. Failure to comply will result in degradation of system performance and possible system hangs.

The following DOS function calls are included in this document:

Change Current DOS Directory
Close DOS File
Create DOS File
Create DOS Subdirectory
Erase DOS File
Get DOS Date
Get DOS Time
Move File Read/Write Pointer (LSEEK)
Open DOS File
Read From a DOS File
Remove DOS Subdirectory
Write to a DOS File

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