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ENDUSE directive

Syntax: ENDUSE

Discussion: The ENDUSE statement is a compiler directive. As such, it causes an action to occur when the program is compiled, not when the program is executed.

The ENDUSE directive is a statement that is included only in a usefile. If you include multiple program segments in a single usefile, you must conclude each segment with an ENDUSE directive. This way, the compiler will merge lines up to the ENDUSE directive, but not beyond.

See the USE directive for more information.

Example: This example shows a usefile that contains three sections. Each section starts at a specific edit line number and ends with an ENDUSE directive. Any of these three sections could be merged into a main program via a USE directive that specified the starting edit line number of the desired section (i.e., line 1000, line 2000, or line 3000).

number   Internet Basic Statement
1000     ! First part of usefile
1100     .
1200     .
1300     .
1400     ENDUSE 
2000     ! Scond part of usefile
2100     .
2200     .
2300     .
2400     ENDUSE
3000     ! Third part of usefile
3100     .
3200     .
3300     .
3400     ENDUSE
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