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FPT function

Syntax: FPT(numeric-argument)

Discussion: The FPT function returns the fractional portion of a numeric-argument. The value returned by the FPT function is always a decimal value and always carries the same sign as the numeric-argument.

The numeric-argument may be a numeric constant, a single-element numeric variable, a numeric array element, a numeric expression, or a numeric function.

The intermediate result of the FPT function is stored in a numeric accumulator with a length and precision of 16.8. If this intermediate result is then moved to a receiving numeric variable, its precision is automatically adjusted to the defined precision of that variable.

Also see INT.

Example: A = FPT(B)

In the above example, the fractional portion of numeric variable B is moved to numeric variable A. For example, if B equals 27.43, then A equals .43.

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