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INTERRUPT statement

Syntax: INTERRUPT partition [,EXCP=statement-label]

Discussion: The INTERRUPT statement forces the named partition to branch to the MESSAGESUB path in the program.

When INTERRUPT is executed, the contents of the system variable named MESSAGE$ for the interrupting partition is passed to MESSAGE$ in the interrupted partition. If the partition to be interrupted does not have a MESSAGESUB path set, an exception 70 is returned to the interrupting partition.

INTERRUPT works for both background and foreground partitions.

Application note:

Because INTERRUPT passes the contents of MESSAGE$, true inter-partition communications can occur under Comet. The INTERRUPT statement can be used in conjunction with PAUSE and WAKEUP to dynamically control the system job stream.

Example 1: INTERRUPT "P01",EXCP=2000

In this example, the partition named "P01" is interrupted and forced to branch to the MESSAGESUB address (if it contains one). The value of the system variable MESSAGE$ is passed from the current partition to the interrupted partition.

Example 2: INTERRUPT P$, EXCP=2000

In this example, the partition name is specified with a string variable. For this statement to function correctly, the variable will have to contain a valid partition name -- one that is to be interrupted.

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