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LCASE function

Syntax: LCASE(string-argument)

Discussion: The LCASE function converts upper case characters in a string-argument to lower case characters. Other characters in the string-argument (e.g., lower case characters, special characters) remain unchanged.

The string-argument may be a string constant, a single-element string variable, a string array element, a string expression, or a string function.

Also see UCASE.

Example 1: Y$ = LCASE(X$)

In the above example, any upper case characters contained in X$ are converted to lower case and the entire string is moved to Y$. For example, if X$ equals "Signature Systems" then Y$ will equal "signature systems".

Example 2:


In this example, the variable ANSWER$ is used to receive input data from the terminal (logical unit 0). The data is then converted to lower case and compared to "y". If it equals "y" the program branches to statement 9000. Otherwise, program flow continues below the IF statement.

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