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RPOS function

Syntax: RPOS(string-argument-1,string-argument-2)

Discussion: The RPOS function finds the position of string-argument-1 in string-argument-2 scanning from right to left. The function is very useful for finding and removing backslashes off of path names or slashes from URLs. The RPOS function returns the position in string-argument-2 to be used in the SUB function. Thus, this function produces the same number as the POS function.

History: This function was added in Build 290.

Example: A$ = "c:\comet\misc"

X = RPOS("\",A$)

In this example, A$ is path name containing multiple backslashes. The RPOS function finds the position of the first backslash from the right side of the string, which is located at position 9.

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