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DOS pseudo functions: Send a Message to All Terminals


 DOSRW(AX-value, number-of-bytes, format-statement-label) EXCP=statement-label  


 AX-value = "@FFFE@"
 number-of-bytes = number of characters to be written to another terminal
 format-statement-label = format statement containing the message to be written to the other terminal (may be a constant or

If the write function is successful, the message contained in the format statement will be sent to the terminal specified.

If an exception occurs, byte 2 of the AX field will contain the DOS error code (in hex).

This pseudo function sends a message to the write control line of all Comet workstations, including all workstations attached to a Comet Terminal Adapter and all workstations running Comet on a network.

Also see Send a Message to Another Terminal

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