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Even if you are not a current subscriber to the Comet Software, most of your core applications will continue to work. However, Signature Systems continually improves its software and adds new features to the Comet System. These features are mainly available to current Comet Subscribers only.

Benefits of being a Comet Subscriber

  • Entitled to all updates made to existing products during the subscription year
  • Free COM license for each Comet license. This license is required for:
    • CometExplorer
    • (CopyFile) mnemonic through the file server. Without a COM license CopyFile is done directly with Windows calls which requires the client to have Windows access to the source and destination folders. This could require you to purchase additional Client Access Licenses from Microsoft.
    • (Document=) mnemonic. This mnemonic is used by features of the email printer, the pdf printer, and DocMgr.
    • The DataExpress version of the Reporter.
    • CB, the CometAnywhere File Transfer Utility
  • Protection against the loss of Comet access because of theft or verifiable loss of the security module. We will replace the usb plug and Comet licenses immediately, at no charge to the subscriber. Comet users who are not subscribers must rely on their business insurance to replace their system by completely repurchasing Comet at current prices. The expense and delay could far outweigh the cost of the subscription.
  • Priority access to the technical support staff.
  • The convenience of being able to apply CometAnywhere licenses to any version of the CometAnywhere host. This can be especially useful at subscription time. When new CometAnywhere licenses are issued you may continue to run an older version of Comet on the host until it is convenient for you to install the upgrade.
  • Free ODBC/mySQL licenses for each Comet license.

These benefits expire at the end of the subscription period.

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