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Comet System Variables

Comet includes a number of system variables that may be used in an Internet Basic program without being defined in the Data Division.
Take care to not define your own variables with any of the following names:

Variable Length Format Description
CURPOS$ 2 hex-encoded current position of cursor

byte 1 = row byte 2 = column

DATE 6.0 MMDDYY system date

system date

DAY$ 8 "MM/DD/YY" system date
ENTERLEVEL 2.0 nn subprogram level number
EXCP 2.0 nn last Comet exception
HELPKEY$ 4 user-defined user-defined value for Comet Help System
ITERM$ 3 "Tnn" or "nnn" initiating terminal number
LONGYEAR 4.0 YYYY current year in long format
LONGYEAR$ 4 "YYYY" current year in long format
MESSAGE$ 32 user-defined user-defined string for passing messages to overlays
PARTITION$ 3 "Pnn" or "nnn" current partition number
PRIORITY$ 1 hex partition scheduling priority
RUNSTATE 1.0 n security value for current partition
SYSPART$ 3 "Pnn" or "nnn" name of most recently activated background partition
TERM$ 3 "Tnn" or "nnn" current terminal number
TIME$ 11 "HH:MM:SS.DD" system time
VERSION$ 7 "XXX.XXX" current Comet system version number
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