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Things to keep in mind when considering Comet Disaster Recovery:

- No Legacy Utilities, only a "limited" Comet Explorer - No Legacy Reporter, only new GUI CDE or whatever it's called now - Coraggio installation is not using QSTART2/Security monitor, not sure if that was a restriction or not. But if you use a Security monitor to run different divisions by switching data file directories in the DAB list be sure you look into this question.

I ran into an issue when setting up Disaster Recovery Backup on an XP machine. The .vbs script ran fine as a scheduled task, however I could not get any of the optional arguments to work. I wanted to archive the zipped files that were created and transferred. The issue is with XP Scheduled Tasks and I did not figure out how to get them to work. Instead I created a batch file that contained the path to the .vbs script with the /save_archives argument supplied as outlined in the manual. The Sceheduled Task then simply called the batch file and everything worked fine. I have a Scheduled Task set up at another account doing Disaster Recovery that works fine with the supplied argument, but they are running Window Server 2008. The bug must have been fixed in the interim.

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