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The Reporter

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Updated December 30, 2008

Table of Contents

The Reporter documentation contains the following sections:

Recent Updates

Version 8 includes new front-end tools to assist you in creating new reports, making changes to existing ones, and selecting a report to run.
To use these tools you'll need:

Comet 2008.387 or higher (right-click menu in DX requires .390 or higher) 
Comet Server Products 8.00 or higher 
UTL version 8 or higher 
use of #CFILES for your Data Dictionary 
a "TMP" folder for each node configured as $(CATEMP) 
an html printer configured as LPH 

For the report editor you'll also need:

a COM product license (current Comet subscribers will have this) 
Microsoft .NET framework version 1.1 which can be downloaded for free 
use of Comet.exe as your method for starting Comet 
DX is the new gateway to the Reporter

You can run it by clicking on "The Reporter" hyperlink on the QMONITOR screen (REL version 8.02 or higher) or by running "DX". DX.jpg From here you can see lists of all reports (stored as Comet text files with a filename using the ".ibr" extension).
You can select one to run or edit or build a new one. Clicking the "DbMgr" button takes you to the Data Dictionary Maintenance Utility, DbManager.

For convenience, double-clicking a report name will cause the report to run.
Right-clicking a report name will popup a menu allowing:

Edit Report with DataExpress 
Edit Report with Text Editor 
Run Report 
Delete Report 
Copy Report 
Rename Report 

The DataExpress editor is also introduced in version 8:


This editor is launched when you click either the "Edit Report with DataExpress" or "New Report" buttons in DX.
You can also start it directly by running "DATAEXP". It provides a simple way to create custom reports.
You may direct your output to any Comet printer including pdf or html, to a .csv file which can be passed to your spreadsheeet software, or to a new data file.
To get you started using the new Report editor, read the hints on the Introduction Page and watch the videos.

Other enhancements in Version 8 are:

  • Sorting is now allowed on fields from any file in the report. Previously this was limited to fields from the primary file.
  • Dictionary definitions can now be generated automatically for files output by a report by using the new DEFINEFILE command.
  • SELECTING has a new CONTAINS operator.
  • A new ENTER command has been added to accommodate and pre- or post- report processing you may wish to do.

For more info about using the new Reporter read the FAQ.

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