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The following tutorial videos are available to introduce you to the many features of the Comet DataExpress Editor:

If you've never seen the DataExpress Editor you should begin by watching this one.
It demonstrates how easy it can be to generate a custom report from your Comet database.
It includes an introduction to SELECTING and SORTING. (duration 4:18)

This video uses a multi-file report to demonstrate how to use the editor to generate subtotals for groups of data and how to define new fields to perform calculations. (duration 8:52)

This video is an in depth discussion of the several types of output which can be selected for your report.
Styles include html, pdf, email, spreadsheet, and a couple more you'll have to watch the video to discover! (duration 7:06)

This video is an advanced discussion of the Comet Reporter Launchpad program, DX.
It includes behind-the-scenes info and tips on how to make the most of its capabilities. (duration 9:41)

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